Shape Builder LITE - The Preschool Learning Puzzle Game App Reviews

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This is the best thing for my three year old. She got all the puzzles done with little or no problem!!! Excellent!!


Love the 15 puzzles so much! Great for a free app. We bought the full version after my 3 year old loved this awesome app. Great narration and sounds! Thanks to the developer.

Fun. :)

Very fun app - my 3 year old adores the puzzles - thank you for your hard work!

Love it!

My kid loves this game. Great for toddlers.

Great For Learning, Fantastic for Fun

Weve ended up purchasing the full version of this since my three year old has so much fun playing it, and it really seems like shes learning different letters numbers and objects from the program.


Working perfectly and really easy to use. Too easy for children above 4 though

Doesnt work

Opens for a split second then quits. On latest iOS on iPhone 6.

Wont even start or open

Quits immediately after tapping on the app. Its 2016 it hasnt been updated in years. Too bad.

Does not open!

I got this app for my daughter and this app doesnt open. It will come on for a split second and shutdown afterwards. Please update and I will change rating

Functionality issue

Sometimes, the puzzle pieces wont move at all. Other times, they wont move all the way onto their designated spot. Also, this game has not been effective in enabling my 3-year-old twin girls to learn the alphabet.

digital babysitter

my 5 year gets totally absorbed in this game, so we even bought the full version!

My 2 yr old is addicted

My son goes to wakes up and goes to sleep asking to play "the match game". This app buys me a good 10 minutes out at dinner. He is also so proud when he solves a puzzle. We will be purchasing the full version. One note sometimes dragging the pieces get slow or difficult to move, not sure what causes it. Great app.

Great App!

My 2 yr old loves this. It is very educational and entertaining for him. The name and sounds are fantastic. This game teaches dexterity, hand eye coordination, and more. I could not believe how quickly he picked up on this. Just had to pick up the full version. Thank you for a wonderful educational app that entertains well!

Shape Builder awesome app for my 4 year old

Shape Builder is the favorite among the many educational apps that I have downloaded for my four year old. This app teaches and enhances hand-eye coordination as well as matching skills. The reward is awesome when all of the pieces are fit in the correct place, you get to see exactly what the item is. As a bonus it plays a sound or verbalizes the item. Keep up the good work.

Good for church

We downloaded the free app first to make certain our 3yo would enjoy it. We turned off the sound and he played the puzzle right through the sermon. The only complaint I have is that sometimes his finger doesnt register and he has to work at getting the piece. Overall, Great app and I will buy the full version.

My 2 yr old LOVES this!!

I wasnt sure if my 2 yr old would be able to play this game, but I decided to go ahead and let hime try. He absolutely loves it. The other day he was playing it... when he woke up from his nap the first words out of his mouth..."I want to play puzzle on your phone!" I might need to go buy an iTouch just so he can play this game and I can have my phone back.

Cute App

My grandaughter loves puzzles so I thought this would be a great "on the go" puzzle for her and it was a huge hit.


My 3 year old grandson loves this . I will be buying the reg version. We have so much fun hoping for the truck and firetruck. Thank you.

Shape Builder Lite

My grandson (2 yr old) loves building these puzzles; and enjoys the reward of a completed puzzle "coming to life"! Moving the pieces into place has the added reward of improving his fine motor skills. Also enjoys doing the puzzles together and guessing what they will be when completed, this became a favorite game and we have also purchased the fuller version.


Perfect adaptation of the touch screen on iPhone. My 2-yr old daughter loves it.

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