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Shape Builder LITE - The Preschool Learning Puzzle Game app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 9096 ratings )
Games Education Puzzle
Developer: Murtha Design Inc.
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 07 Apr 2009
App size: 4.45 Mb

After you download this App, please download our "Preschool Memory Match" App (Also, if you have an iPad, check out "Drawing Pad")

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FOR KIDS 2.5 to 6 YEARS OLD (parents can play together with younger kids!)...
(toddler / preschool / kindergarten / first grade)

Full version is an Apple Staff Favorite AND App Store Essential for Toddlers!

Featured in the OReilly Book "Best iPhone Apps" - Beat "Wheels on the Bus" on OReillys APP SMACKDOWN -

This version is a free sample of Shape Builder to see if your preschooler likes the game. This free version only has 15 puzzles. Please buy the full version, which has a total of 146 puzzles (including the 15 from this version).

Shape Builder (full version) is the 8th top Paid App in Education (on May 4, 2009 - US App Store)

mentioned on THE WASHINGTON TIMES *on 5/10/2009 (on Mothers Day - how cool!) ---

mentioned on USATODAY.COM *on 4/30/09 ---

mentioned on SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE *on 5/02/09 ---


Shape Builder educates and entertains your little one with easy to move shapes that snap into place on top of silhouette puzzles. Each puzzle has 5 to 10 pieces and after positioning all of the pieces, the real image is revealed along with a professional voice recording of the word spoken by Jill Dews, a licensed speech therapist. Shape Builder encourages cognitive thinking and fine motor skills plus exposes young minds to new music instruments, animals, produce, objects and the alphabet in a fun and engaging format with LOTS of fun sound effects!

This LITE version has:

Total of 15 puzzles:

Letter A
Letter B
Letter C
Letter D
Letter E

(IMPORTANT: if you like this free version, check out the full version that has one hundred and forty six puzzles including 30 music instruments, 37 animals, the entire English alphabet, 20 numbers, 17 fruits and vegetables and more! A perfect app for young babysitters who may need to entertain little ones)

By Darren Murtha & Chris Lott for kids and toddlers in preschool, kindergarden & firstgrade!

So the question is will your kid like our games? If your kid loves Sesame Street, PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, Baby Einstein, Dora, Diego, Barnie, Blues Clues, Magic School Bus, Noggin, Curious George, Little Bear, Olivia, Franklin, Charlie & Lola, Max & Ruby, Caillou, Berenstain Bears, Arthur, Sid the Science Kid, Super Why, WordWorld, Thomas the Train, the Wonder Pets, Barney, Reading Rainbow, Mister Rogers, there is a pretty good chance they will like our games like Shape Builder. Coming soon to our portfolio is Memory Match! For more information visit: and see a video demo of the full version.

Pros and cons of Shape Builder LITE - The Preschool Learning Puzzle Game app for iPhone and iPad

Shape Builder LITE - The Preschool Learning Puzzle Game app good for

This is the best thing for my three year old. She got all the puzzles done with little or no problem!!! Excellent!!
Love the 15 puzzles so much! Great for a free app. We bought the full version after my 3 year old loved this awesome app. Great narration and sounds! Thanks to the developer.
Very fun app - my 3 year old adores the puzzles - thank you for your hard work!
Weve ended up purchasing the full version of this since my three year old has so much fun playing it, and it really seems like shes learning different letters numbers and objects from the program.
Working perfectly and really easy to use. Too easy for children above 4 though

Some bad moments

Opens for a split second then quits. On latest iOS on iPhone 6.
Quits immediately after tapping on the app. Its 2016 it hasnt been updated in years. Too bad.
I got this app for my daughter and this app doesnt open. It will come on for a split second and shutdown afterwards. Please update and I will change rating
Sometimes, the puzzle pieces wont move at all. Other times, they wont move all the way onto their designated spot. Also, this game has not been effective in enabling my 3-year-old twin girls to learn the alphabet.
my 5 year gets totally absorbed in this game, so we even bought the full version!
My son goes to wakes up and goes to sleep asking to play "the match game". This app buys me a good 10 minutes out at dinner. He is also so proud when he solves a puzzle. We will be purchasing the full version. One note sometimes dragging the pieces get slow or difficult to move, not sure what causes it. Great app.